Frequently Asked Questions


When will my vehicle be estimated?

Our receptionists will liaise with you to arrange a suitable time for your vehicle to be estimated.  Onsite and offsite estimates are available.  

What happens after my vehicle has been estimated?

If you are going through your insurance, we will send the estimate and photos of damage to your insurers for authorisation.   Once we have received repair authorisation we will contact you to arrange a booking in date.  

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?

When we book your vehicle in for repair we will give you an expected completion date.  Occasionally circumstances beyond our control mean this date has to change, but we will keep you informed at all times.  

If my vehicle is a total loss, will I get a courtesy car?

If you were involved in a non-fault accident and this can be proven, you will be entitled to a replacement vehicle of a similar size and class to your own.

If your vehicle is undriveable you may be given a courtesy car from Harlequin Motors, however If the engineer declares your vehicle a total loss, you will need to return our courtesy car to us.

If your vehicle is driveable, and then declared a total loss you will not be entitled to a courtesy car from Harlequin Motors.   However depending on your insurance policy, your insurers may provide you with a replacement vehicle whist you are waiting for your settlement cheque.  

When and why do I need to pay my policy excess?

Whether or not you have to pay excess for your repair depends on the type of insurance policy you have taken out.  If the accident was not your fault, you can claim back any excess paid from the third party insurers.   You will need to pay your excess when you collect your repaired vehicle from us.  We accept card and cash payments, but we do not accept cheques.  

Will I get a courtesy car when my vehicle is being repaired?

It depends on the terms of your insurance policy but in most cases we are able to provide a basic class A vehicle.    

What do I do if I have had an accident in your courtesy car?

Please notify us immediately if you have had an accident in our courtesy car.  You will need to contact your insurer as you will need to make a claim against your own insurance policy.